There are lots of nice things I can say!

I discovered Jared’s company, PHP about six years ago, and since then they have done a vast range of jobs for me, from fixing leaks to much bigger jobs such as changing the whole water system at St Michael’s Manor, which meant we had to shut the hotel for two weeks. Jared worked alongside the contractor. We changed from a very poor, mains-fed system with drippy showers and little power, to a sealed, pressurised system, with large storage containers in the basement. You can imagine the demand created by 30 power showers all on at once as guests get up in the morning!

Jared has a terrific knowledge of the building, a sixteenth century manor house, and all its many nooks and crannies. He is very good value compared to other plumbers, he is prepared to work weekends and he is very reliable. Reliability is the most important quality for me, and getting the job done quickly.

Jared has a good team now, and they have also done a lot of work for me at home, installing a gas boiler. My home is a turn of the century Victorian terraced house, and it needed a lot of work doing.

Jared and his brothers have an integrity you don’t often see in the building trade these days. When they send me a quote, I never bother looking elsewhere.

At St Michael’s, old pipe work often needs replacing; there are fractures and breakages, but Jared also deals with more general issues, heating problems, radiators not working properly, and dodgy shower valves.

We have 80% occupancy of our 30 rooms, and we frequently need Jared’s services – it’s almost a full time job! He thinks on his feet, and you can trust what he says. Nothing is ever a problem, and he always fixes it with no fuss. I will definitely keep using him without a doubt.