One winter, the radiators down one side of the house were just not working. I had plumbers in twice to fix the problem, but they made little difference. I contacted Jared, with very low expectations based on my previous experience of plumbers, and he told me the system needed a power flush to get rid of all the silt and muck that had built up. I told him the previous plumber had already done that just weeks before – but Jared was so sure he was right, he said, well if it doesn’t solve the problem, I won’t charge you a penny! And of course, it worked, as he knew it would.

The next time I needed Jared’s help was a serious emergency. Just before Christmas during a bitterly cold spell my boiler packed in and the house was freezing. I called Jared, who was really snowed under with work, and somehow he managed to come over and install a new boiler, working ridiculous hours to get me out of trouble! I can’t speak highly enough of Jared – he’s just a good man! I will never forget how he put himself out for me when he was already impossibly busy, it was so good of him. And he worked really hard. I was more than happy to pay the bill! The point is, he has done it the right way, going through a proper apprenticeship, so he really knows his stuff.

When I had a problem with a leaky shower, he came over and identified the problem straight away – he really knows what he is talking about, knows what’s wrong and puts it right, leaving everything nice and tidy – with no holes in the wall like the previous plumbers!

If I have a problem with plumbing again, I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. I can just leave him the keys, and feel totally safe. He’s that good, and totally trustworthy – you don’t get many like that.